HA-SZ2000 + generic aftermarket pads + EQ Profile

My current EQ settings using Equalizer APO and PeaceUI

This is my custom EQ profile, balanced between objective and subjective performance.

These settings are only a guide. They might not work for your taste, or your music preferences.

List of changes and the decisions I have made. While it looks like a better or flatter graph can be made, sometimes flat sounds bad, and decisions must be made based on the headphone over multiple listening sessions with different music. This is likely also not my final EQ profile, but it's very close.

โ€ข Big bass shelf because it sounds great - no other headphone in the world can do this and sound good while doing it. It sounds like a real sub-woofer. โ€ข Dip 'cut off' at 100hz because I think there is some bloat/resonance here - helps separate sub-bass from mid-bass, reducing bloat. โ€ข Peak at 125hz gives back a lot of texture to the bass, noticeable with bass guitars. โ€ข Scoop between 150-1Khz because that whole area is just a bloated mess without it. โ€ข Objectively corrected all problems above 1Khz because it sounded very bad.

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