๐ŸชกSennheiser Momentum Ear Pad Repair

These genuine leather ear pads will eventually die. The outer lip that holds onto the headphone gets brittle and crumbles apart.

So, you either fork out 39 EUR for a new one... or...

โ€ข Tear off all the remaingin brittle plastic ring.

โ€ข Acquire leather that is thin enough to fit inside the gap. โ€ข I found this large rough piece for โ‚ฌ5 in my local flea market.

โ€ข Use the old plastic as a pattern/template for the new one. โ€ข In my case, masking tape was needed to hold it together in one piece.

โ€ข Cut out both pieces. Doens't have to be too clean or accurate as this point.

โ€ข Put the ring around the ear pad. โ— Always put the outer surface of the ring and ear pad facing each other. โ€ข Then hold in place with 4 safety pins. โ— Do not skip this step, or you will get 'bunching' later while sewing.

โ€ข Half way through sewing. Just a basic running stitch is fine.

โ€ข Check your work periodically as you go, making sure that your stitches fall in the same line as the previous stitches on the ear pad.

โ€ข One down, one to go.

โ€ข Just added a bit of water as a test to see the final colour.

โ€ข And a test-fit.

โ€ข Now things get funky...

โ€ข Add some leather care product to the ring - this will darken the leather if it's not already a good match. Obviously, if you can find a darker leather, that would be better.

โ€ข Now things get REALLY spicy... I needed to iron the rings to make them flatter, as they were too rounded. โ€ข Add some water to the rings, or use the steam function (if you're freeling brave), as this will help them retain a flatter shape as they dry out. โ— I can't fully recommend this step as wetting and ironing leather is bad leatherwork practice. โ€ข Just this once should be fine though. โ€ข Much better!

โ€ข The leather is not a consistent width, so I had to forcefully push it in with a guitar pick.

โ€ข ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ‘Œ

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